Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our Bouquets

I just wanted to make a quick post about our bouquets, I threw together a quick picture with all the bouquets we have made to date! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Food Truck Wedding Catering

So it's time to decide on the food for the wedding. There are so many different options and different price points when it comes to deciding on your caterer. It's a difficult decision when you are dealing with thousands of dollars. When we originally started talking about food we decided that we wanted something simple and easy. We felt inspired by all the pictures online we were seeing of the cute carnival themed weddings with the little mini hamburgers and hot dogs so we decided that was what we wanted to do. We talked about making them ourselves, but that was too time consuming and could go horribly wrong. Then we started looking around at restaurants, but the prices were out of our budget at it was surprising how many burger places or hot dog places don't do catering. The biggest shock was when we talked to a wedding caterer. We told him that what we wanted was simple small hamburgers and hot dogs with maybe some sides for about 100 people, he took about 2 weeks to get back to us with his quote. $5000!!!!! That comes out to $50 a person for hamburgers! So the clock was ticking at this point and we still needed to figure out what to do for food. Then in doing some research online I started seeing info on Food Trucks. These mobile eateries are becoming more and more popular everyday and even have their own reality shows! We found one in our area that specialized in specialty gourmet hot dogs, I was so happy that none of our other options worked out, we could not have been happier to find these guys!

Mobile hot dog eatery

They drove the truck to our venue, set up and started cooking. The food was hot and fresh for all of our guests, and people could order whatever they wanted, which was a great option, because with having vegetarians and gluten free eaters as some of our guests, they were able to accommodate all the special requests we had. They worked fast too! Only took them about half an hour to get through all 100 of our guests. People raved about how amazing the food was for weeks after the wedding. For driving out, cooking on site, and food for 100 people our total came out to around $1000. Way better than we could have done with a restaurant or a wedding caterer, and in our opinion better too. So if you are in the spot that we are in and are struggling to find the perfect food for your special day, look into a food truck, i promise you wont regret it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Wedding

The Idea to start our own wedding shop/blog came from our own wedding, because we were very budget conscious, we decided that we would hand make most if not all of our decorations, it was very time consuming and took lots of effort, but we loved the results and it made our wedding that much more special for us.

 These were the chair backs that we used on our chairs, we made them just by taking random lengths of cut fabric and tying them around a small rope, this was probably the most time consuming of all the things we did. But we loved the way they turned out

 This is the birdcage veil that Lauren wore at the wedding, you can find a lot of tutorials online for how to make these, they are relatively easy to make and we accented ours with some small fabric flowers.

Our cake-stand was a challenge, we found these round pieces of tree wood at Michaels and built the three tiers out of them, the challenge was in balancing all three and nailing them together.

Lauren got so crafty with making our cake toppers, we found these small ceramic birds and she handmade the hat and tie out of felt, then she made the little string of pearls and birdcage veil. This was one of our favorite things we made for the wedding.

This was our candy table,  We handmade the burlap ribbon and painted the sign with stencils, then we found a bunch of candy jars, (T.J Maxx and Ross are great for these!!) and filled everything up with candy and sweets, our guests loved these!

This Is Lauren's Bouquet and her bridesmaids bouquets, lots of time and work went into these, and we absolutely love the way they turned out. We hand rolled and made each flower on the bouquet, and we used individual flower stems to hot glue each flower to and then we put them all together, These are the main item that we sell now in the etsy shop, They are great because they look beautiful and they are something that will last forever, ours now sits in a vase on display in our living room.

That is just the beginning of all the things we handmade at our wedding, if you are interested in seeing everything else we have made or what we have for sale for your wedding click here HERE to be transferred to our ETSY page. thank you so much for reading!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Handmade Rolled Flower Bouquet

 This is one of our beautiful handmade Bridal bouquets, each flower is hand rolled, then we place each flower on its own wire stem and then put them all together, we accented the flowers with some brooches and pearls, and then we attached some tulle to wire stems to accent the entire bouquet, once we placed all the flowers together we wrap the whole thing up in ribbon with a string of lace at the bottom. I am going to do a tutorial on how to assemble the flowers and bouquet in the future.

We do sell all of the bouquets we make on our etsy shop!! You can see this bouquet and our others here